With your help, I will continue our fight to bring conservative, family-oriented values to State Government. Here are just a few of the concerns I have been working to address:

INFRASTRUCTURE & MANAGING GROWTH – Our community is one of the most rapidly growing in the state. In order to preserve our way of life, we have to manage growth intelligently. By setting the right priorities and attracting the right type of development, we can build our economy, improve our schools, create better infrastructure and reduce traffic congestion without raising taxes. That has been one of my top priorities.

EDUCATION IMPROVEMENT – As a parent with a child in public school, I have volunteered thousands of hours to improve the lives of children in Dorchester County. Every child deserves a chance to succeed. But our classrooms simply do not receive the support they deserve because over-stressed school systems like Dorchester District 2 are punished by the state’s present funding formula. I am committed to revising that formula to better serve our children.

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY – Our state budget is growing at twice the rate of inflation, which is causing our tax burden to spiral out of control. This trend must be stopped. I have fought day in and day out to bring accountability to State Government. And I will continue to fight for low taxes, including the elimination of property taxes for retirees and fixed income households.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION – The time has come to enforce the law and stop the flow of illegal immigration into our state. I have worked to eliminate incentives for those who come here illegally and to toughen penalties for those who violate our laws.

GOVERNMENT RESTRUCTURING – The out-dated management structure of State Government is literally costing taxpayers millions of dollars in waste and inefficiency. The time has come to bring a new system of accountability along with checks and balances — a more modern system that serves the taxpayers, not the politicians. That is what I have fought for and will continue to fight for.